Customs Clearance / Other Services

Customs Clearance
  • SARS Clearance for Import & Export Shipments
  • Temporary Imports
  • DA 70s
  • CARNET Imports & Exports
Other Services
  • Warehousing
  • Unpacking & Packing of Cargo
  • Palletising & Shrinkwrapping
  • Import Permit Applications
  • Export Permit Applications
  • Letter of Authority Applications
  • Freight Brokering
  • Freight Consultancy
  • Certificates of Origin

Making sure your products get to the right place in the best time would be fruitless if the other vital part of the process is not taken care off; making sure that all customs requirements have been met. Any delay here could prove disastrous for your company and your clients!

We pride ourselves on efficiency and our ability to speedily eradicate any complications when it comes to customs documentation. Careful monitoring of all the clearance processes and the accuracy of documentation is always our first priority.

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