International Vehicle Shipping

Import RORO Shipments
  • Imports on CARNETs
  • Relocating back to South Africa
  • Temporary Imports
  • Classic Vehicles
  • Mobile Homes
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Imports to Neighbouring Countries
Export RORO Shipments
  • Exports on CARNETs
  • Emigrating abroad
  • Export of Temporary Import Vehicles
  • Vehicles Purchased for Restoration
  • Classic Vehicles
  • Mobile Homes
  • Heavy Machinery

We can help with all your vehicle shipping requirements and more! View all our Shipping Services for more information.

Are you relocating abroad and want to take your vehicle with you? Or simply going on an African Adventure and traveling on a CARNET? Or maybe just taking up Temporary Employment Abroad and want to take your personal vehicle with you to use on a temporary basis? There's no need to stress with mountains of paperwork, we will make the whole process pain free.

You have the option of packing your vehicle into a container for the shipping of your prized Classics or higher ended vehicles. This is certainly a much more secure option to consider.

Or alternatively you can choose the cheaper RoRo option. This offers you a secure under deck stow on the vessel. Our highly experienced & professional team will guide you through the whole shipping process by informing you of the requirements, regulations and we will give you a comprehensive estimate of associated costs involved.

Relocating from the United Kingdom or Europe to South Africa? Finding a reputable, Professional Company to entrust with your valued possessions may prove daunting. We strongly Recommend that you use either of our following UK based agents:

We can guarantee you of their value added service.